Yogurt is a food produced by bacterial fermentation of milk,
high-protein food with a mild taste.

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How to enjoy yogurt!


Nutritious refreshments

Yogurt is a natural snack made out of milk and probiotics with no additives added. It is rich in nutrition and therefore perfect to make healthy snack for growing kids to adults.


Smooth desert

With its silky texture, yogurt is enjoyed by anyone from kids with poor digestion to parents with bad teeth. Together with fruit and nuts, make wholesome yogurt of your own.

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Diet food

Store-bought yogurt often contains sugar as much as chocolate bars. If going on a diet, go with plain yogurt. Its nutritional content rich in calcium and protein will fight the nutrient depletion you may experience while on a diet.


Add value on your meal

Make use of wholesome yogurt while cooking. Yogurt added when making muffin or cake will bring rich and savory flavor. Yogurt added in your spicy curry will bring sweet taste that kids love.

Inside Yogurt

Main necessary nutrients of Yogurt


Lactic acid bacteria defeats harmful bacteria so that it helps enhancement of immunity level.
Enjoy the Lactobacillus with delicious yogurt.


Protein is essential nutrition which builds up and maintains tissues in our body, but this nutrition dose not stock in our body. Yogurt is full of protein!


Vitamin controls metabolism and physiology in very small amount. If you feel easily tried, have yogurt instead of coffee.


Calcium is essential for bone and teeth and also it very important for women. You can intake calcium in natural and delicious way with yogurt, not through pill.

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