Blueberry Yogurt Lassi

Yogurt that makes you youthful

Blueberry Yogurt Lassi

Powerful anti-oxidant blueberries

make great combination with sour sweet yogurt.


Ingredients     [1인분for 1 person 5min 10min ]

fermentated yogurt 100g
frozen blueberry 1 cup
Im’yo blueberry base 20g
ice(cube) 3
mint leaves


1. Put yogurt, blueberry, ice and salt in a blender and mix them well.

2. Decorate the mixture with mint leaves in a glass.


·  If you add the real blueberries, it will taste and smell better.

요거트 메이커  yogurt maker

여성 women

저칼로리 low calorie

☆☆★ low