Crêpe with Yogurt Cream


Sweet sour yogurt on the soft crêpe

Crêpe with Yogurt Cream

Put healthy yogurt on top of your crêpe instead of fatty whipping cream ~

Taste fresh sweet sour yogurt cream which is different from whipping cream.


Ingredients     [1인분for 1 person (7~8) 5min 25min ]

wheat flour 1cup
milk 1cul
egg 1
sugar  2 spoon
melted butter 1  spoon
salt 1/3 spoon
yogurt 1 cup


1. Mix flour, sugar and salt, and sieve it a couple of times.
2. Put egg and milk in a bowl, mix it with the (1) above, and mix it with pastry blender until you can’t see the small powder particles.
3. Add melted butter and complete the dough for crêpe.
4. Heat the frying pan slightly, coat the pan with a big spoonful of cooking oil and then swipe it once with a paper towel. Put the one ladle of the crêpe dough, spread it thin and roast both sides.
5. Spread yogurt on one side of the roasted crêpe, fold the crêpe in half, place it on the plate and pour yogurt on it. Put jam or fruit on the crêpe to add taste.


· Roast the crêpe on both sides over low heat for about 15 seconds each.
· Sieve the crêpe dough one more time to make it more tender and softer.
· Unfold the crêpe and cool it down so that it does not get mingled.

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