Omelet with Pomegranate Yogurt

Make your omelet special with our yogurt,

Omelet with Pomegranate Yogurt

Put sweet sour yogurt and pomegranate on soft egg of the omelet to decorate it perfectly.

Popping pomegranate with sour taste offers you a new different experience.


Ingredients     [1인분for 1 person5min 25min ]

egg  3
vanilla syrup 1/4 spoon
milk 2 tea spoon
butter 1/2 tea spoon
fermentated  yogurt 100g
Pomegranate 1spoon
honey 1 tea spoon


1. Put egg, vanilla syrup and milk in a bowl and mix it well with blender.
2. Melt butter on the pan, pour the egg fluid mixture on the pan to roast it and spread yogurt on it.
3. Fold the crêpe in half-moon shape, place it on the plate and pour the rest of the yogurt and honey.
4. Put pomegranate beans and enjoy it with baguette.


  • Depending on your taste, place ice cream together. It will be more delicious.

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