Strawberry Yogurt Cheese Cake

Sweet-sour rich-flavor cheese cake perfect for ladies,

Strawberry Yogurt Cheese Cake

Soft yogurt fresh cheese and tasty strawberries are added onto

the sweet-sour yogurt to enrich the flavor.

Make your own yogurt cheese cake of the ultimate decoration and taste.

Ingredients     [1인분 for 4~5 person  5min 20min ]

1 cup of strawberry

1/2 cup of yogurt

1/2 cup of yogurt cheese

1/3 cup of almond

coconut powder

lemon juice

I’mYo straberry base

mint leaves


1. Mix yogurt, yogurt fresh cheese, almond powder, coconut powder and lemon juice well.
2. Cut each strawberry in four.
3. Put the mixture 1 above in the dessert cup and add “I’m Yo!” strawberry base and real strawberries. Repeat the procedure layer by layer.
4. Put the mint leaves on top and sprinkle a bit of coconut powder for finish.

요거트 메이커  cheese maker

 Whole Family

 low calorie

☆☆★ low