Yogurt Berry Parfait


Now you can enjoy healthy yogurt more elegantly

Yogurt Berry Parfait

Our special dessert of great shape and taste offers

you and your beloved ones with happiness.

It tastes all the better if you put mint on the parfait!

Ingredients     [1인분 for 4~5 person  5min 20min ]
whipped cream500ml
3 spoon of fermentated yogurt
1 lime
2 spoon of sugar powder
15 strawberry
blueberry 150g
mint leaves


1. Squeeze fruit flesh of limes to make juice and use the peels to make zest.
2. Cut each strawberry in four.
3. Put two small spoonfuls of sugar powder in fresh cream and mix it well in automatic or manual blender.
4. Add three big spoonfuls of yogurt, one big spoonful of lime juice and one small spoonful of lime zest in the whipped fresh cream and mix them well.
5. Put the cream and chopped fruit layer by layer in the dessert bowl and complete making the salad by putting mint leaves on top.


  • Add seasonal fruits to enhance the taste and flavor.

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 whole family

 low calorie

★★★ high