Yogurt Shrimp Fries with Yogurt Chili Sauce


Crispy Shrimp Fries with ample sour yogurt sauce on top,

Yogurt Shrimp Fries

with Yogurt Chili Sauce

How about fried shrimps with yogurt sauce for a special occasion

that requires a special menu and recipe?

Crispy shrimp fries along with sweet sour yogurt sauce

can be the best combination for your special day.

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Ingredients    [1인분 for 2 person  5min 35min ]

6 prawn
1 egg
fermentated yogurt 50g
1/2 cup of  flour
1/2 cup of  bread powder
2 spoon of  water
oil(for frying)
[yogurt chilly sauce]
fermentated yogurt 50g
lemon juice 1/4
sweet chilly sauce  1 spoon
chopped parsley 1 spoon


1. Peel off the shrimp shells and marinate the shrimps with salt and pepper.
2. Mix one egg and 50g of yogurt well with blender to make egg dough.
3. Put two spoonfuls of water into bread crumps and mix the mixture with hands to make it moist enough.
4. Dip the marinated shrimps in batter the in following order: flour, egg dough and bread crumps.
5. Put the shrimps in the frying oil heated at 180℃ to fry them.
6. Mix the ingredients prepared to make yogurt chili sauce.

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 whole family

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